Beauty & The Beat v.3: Valentine’s Day Edition

The wait is over… King Sh*t Radio / Hood Rich ENTThe Valentine’s Day Edition of Beauty & The Beat is availableThis one we had to make sure was just right before it was sent out, thanks for everyone that requested this,we held back some on the release date to make sure this tape wouldn’t be used for Evil. Though I’m sure its gonna fall into the wrong hands and be misused. [disclaimer]
Just a couple of notes:
Right around when the Kieth Sweat drops, you may eventually convince YOURSELF that you sound just like him—- you don’t…. Naaah.
When Key Lo Lo Cole goes accapella, sh*t gets a lil’ lethal after that, I’m just sayin’… get a hold of your emotions BEFORE you get to this point,
And please don’t listen to this alone, that’s kinda creepy homie, I’m just sayin’…
[disclaimer] use protection [disclaimer] now you can’t blame usEnjoy your damn Valentine’s Day people,
Keep supporting Hood Rich & King Sh*t/ Dj Black Bill Gates
you can download this directly, but its quicker through iTunes, which is FREE.
then go back to http://blackbillgates.podomatic.comscroll down and to your right there should be an iTunes logo, click it and it will start downloading
01 LL Cool J- I Need Love
02 Yo Gotti ft. Pleasure P- Let’s Vibe
03 Pleasure P ft. Lil Wayne- Rock Bottom
04 Jodeci- Feenin’
05 H-Town- Knockin’ Da Boots [R.I.P Dino]
06 Kieth Sweat- Right & A Wrong Way
07 Keyshia Cole- Love
08 Jagged Edge- What You Trying To Do
09 T-Pain & Ray L- Put It Down
10 Janet Jackson- Would You Mind
11 R Kelly- Tempo Slow
12 R Kelly- Sex Me
13 R Kelly- 12 Play
14 The Dream – Falsetto
15 2 Pistols ft. T-Pain- She Got It
16 Plies ft. Trey Songz- Bust It Baby
17 J. Holiday- Suffocate
18 Floetry- It’s Getting Late
19 Michael Jackson- Lady In My Life
20 Guy- Good-Bye Love

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