Top Things For The Week

Tuesday was a doozy, Top Things to pay attention to this week people:
1. The Celtics!! told ya’ll the whole year! B– , nah let me cut it out… all that sh*t is scripted
its about as bad as the WWE nowadays. But at least I can say I’ve been with that team since
Dee Brown was the best thing going on the team. Damn they whipped the Lakers like some slaves.

2. Young Buck says “F-ck G-Unit, wow. Never seen somebody fall so fast. You would think this cat would be capitalizing off all the press/fallout from his dismissal from the click.
We upped the video yesterday (

But check this phone call between Buck and 50, where buck tears up asking fiddy to take him back into the fold. This nigga 50 has no flex whatsoever.
Damn, lesson to the new class…
We gotta handle our money better than these clowns, and trust No One.

3. The Birthday Bash– nuff said on that sh*t. I didn’t stay the whole time, but all the “so-called” beef that’s going on put a damper on my experience this year. 2 minutes from showtime I left due to security’s overreaction to all this “so-called beef”. I say that because these niggas won’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. lmao.

4. Lil Wayne—

you can forget all the hating, because if early predictions are right, the man may actually move exactly 960,000 units. Please save your opinions, and figure out how YOU can move 960,000 units of ANYTHING. Until then….