Andre 3000 in New Movie "Battle In Seattle"–HD Trailer

Battle in Seattle, final movie trailer. In 1999, five days rocked the world as tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle to protest the World Trade Organization. In “Battle in Seattle” those protesters include Django (Andre Benjamin), Sam (Jennifer Carpenter), Lou (Michelle Rodriguez) and Jay (Martin Henderson). United in their desire to make a difference, the stakes are personal and greater than mere politics.

Here, a peaceful demonstration escalates into a full-scale riot, the streets become mayhem, the WTO is paralyzed and a State of Emergency results. Among the Seattle residents caught in the crossfire are its beleaguered mayor (Ray Liotta), a riot cop (Woody Harrelson) and his pregnant wife (Charlize Theron). The choices they make will change their lives forever. With a great ensemble cast, writer/director Stuart Townsend intertwines multiple points of view of those -from protestors to police to delegates and doctors- who intentionally or accidentally find themselves on the streets of Seattle in those last days of the millennium.

Townsend seamlessly merges footage of the real event with his fictional narrative and illustrates that even against incredible odds, ordinary people can change the world. In theaters September 19, 2008

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