The New Dpression!!!!

Yesterday the so-called “Bail out plan” was rejected by congress!!!!! In the midst of this news we hear that the market has lost a TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!! What does this mean for the everyday working person? I mean gas is thru the ROOF! Where ever you can find THAT at! I mean i can remember bits and pieces of the 80’s and since I can remember Ive never seen anything or even imagined anything like this!!!!!!

With the present state of our country I wonder what those who ride around with there “W” stickers in there windows are thinking now????? Let me guess McCain-Palin for president!!!! lol When will people get it….the republican puppets have destroyed our country and for some reason a lot of them think we are going to let them do it for 4 more years!

Created a theory earlier well Im attempting to coin a phrase…I call it “Fox Politics” example: Bush is an idiot, someone skilled in the school of “FP” would reply well Howard Dean isn’t that smart either! its like they try to discredit you are point to something else to hide the imperfections in there beliefs.

Earwax Records in retrospective

Been awhile since I talked to y’all. Lots of stuff has been going on in my life including a Documentary my company is working on, my ongoing podcast with, script writing, etc…I’m a busy man. Catch up with me by listening to this latest podcast about the ATL music scene…

Jasc & Talib Shabazz of Ear Wax records in Atlanta explain how the store became the soul of Atlanta’s urban music scene fostering and augmenting talents for artists such as DJ Klever, DJ Toomp, Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Organized Noise Productions and much, much more. The two reflect on the community created around the space and their thoughts on its impact on what has become one of the World’s strongest music scenes.

Dj Funky & Dj X-Rated Presents: Shawty Redd ft. Red Nose – Mr. Investor | 9th Ward- SuperModel Live From Roosters Sunday

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Shawty Redd Cartoon Mr Investor

9th Ward Live@ Roosters On Sunday Sept 7

A very good performance live from Roosters, also home to Stripper Radio, featured on … the highlight of the clip is the “juicy booty” freestyle, classic..

800k + Views! You Damn Right…

Good Morning! I absolutely love women so much… This was genious concept song and video-wise. Congrats to mr. “pork-chop sandwich-eatin ass n*gga”**
**referencing the late Pimp C, who said NeYo’s lips looked like he “tried to eat a pork chop sandwich wit no hands”. lmao… Lay off the gloss playboy, but keep making that money.

Historic Week

Had to take a lil time off to barbecue, and wonder whether or Gustav was going to tear a whole in the N.O.
So let’s get caught up shall we? This was one helluva speech. What’s up with McCain pullin’ the move with the inexperienced [but nice lookin’] Palin to lure women voters. Yes, it is a well known fact that more women vote than men. A lot of women can see their story in Palin, a mother of five, who has a son in the service.
None of that news tops this speech, so get into it.