There are studies that suggest that hate group membership is on the rise because some white Americans are so outraged with the fact that we have an African-American President that they want to hate all non-whites.

Its obvious that these people voted for McCain but what is more interesting is the fact that any one with half-a-brain would realize these people are idiots and suffer form mental deformities.

I find it funny that the type of people that join these groups are the trashiest and dumbest of people.

Listen to this…..

Classic America

Across the social network atmosphere from facebook to myspace conservative/right-wingingers are in a suicidal frenzy! In some cases people have went to the extreme of praying to the Man upstairs for help to the opposite of repeating obscenities over and over i.e. damn, damn, damn….shit, shit, shit etc.

The question stands is it about race or is it about democrats vs. republicans??? In most cases I think its more about race. I could be wrong but if we flipped the race of the candidates and made McCain black and Obama white I’m sure Obama would have won the southern vote with ease.

States below the Mason-Dixon line seem to hold on to a white superiority complex. Southern states where conservative hate skewers like Sean “Insanity” Hannity and Rush “Oxycotton” Limbaugh make a living off of the racial tensions in America. They do this by creating fear in the hearts of white Americans and those who consider themselves white with negative stereotypes of minorities and liberals. The truth is we are all the same we don’t need people who make millions of dollars to tell us how to feel or what is right.

All men are created equal, we all have a natural right to live and believe what we want until it infringes upon someone else’s natural rights! Most Americans feel this way but it seems that conservatives don’t, the term conservative comes from the idea of conserving the classic views of America which was built on the backs of slaves that were stolen from Africa and immigrants who sought economic as well as religious freedom. The classic America which republicans wont to conserve was a racist America that lynched working-class Americans, bombed and burned down churches, created a second class America for any and everyone who wasn’t a WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT! This is just a few examples of Classic America Republicans want to conserve!

Why would any one want a conservative America? What is wrong with change? We are living change in this era we can see it finally, welcome to the new America!

Jim Jones & Lil Wayne, others called out for being Fake Bloods?

Jim Jones and Wayne exposed?
I see a lot of young niggas following Wayne’s example a claiming Blood, even approaching niggas because they feel as if the affiliation is felt both ways. Please be advised, this shit isn’t a game, and to be exposed may one day lead to someone losing their life. Just remember one thing, these rappers sometimes get away with false claiming due to their protected lifestyles; their money protects them a certain degree, YOU CANNOT COUNT ON THIS (just be real with yourself).

This lifestyle is centered around cruel realities [=death or jail], and its sad to see a new generation being brought up by someone who may not fully understand this. In other words, they’re peddling death from their million-dollar homes and studios. Now don’t that sound like some dumb sh*t?

Scarface: High Powered [Video & Story Behind It]

First of all, Scarface spits harder than anyone in the game in my opinion. This nigga just keeps it real and puts all those thoughts together beautifully. He’s been doing it that way for years. There is no way you call yourself a gangster and you’ve never beared witness to the truth he spits.

This time he touches on snitching and tries to get someone to see the error of their ways. From various sources, we’ve gathered that he’s forever speaking to Lil Troy [Wanna Be Balla:] they’ve been going back and forth for years about who the snitch is, both claiming to have paperwork on the other proving the dirty deed. Watch who you have around you : YOU ARE A TARGET.