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A raw excerpt of some of the footage from our (Black Static Films/ A.M.P) documentary on Atlanta Hip Hop, “Telling it like it T-I-is: ATL Hip Hop from ’79-’til.”

More soon come. We’ll be actually creating trailers, which this isn’t, featuring some of your favorite ATL Hip Hop artists from antiquity and the modern era. Should be fun.

Analogue Atlanta #016: Soul Speak

I catch up with Atlanta soul septet The Soulphonics featuring Ruby Velle before their weekly Wednesday gig at Star Bar in Little Five Points and I have a conversation about writing, disease and inspiration with Georgia Author of the year Melody Moezzi, author of “War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims”, at Javamonkey in Downtown Decatur. For links, pictures and commentary about this and other podcasts in this series please visit www.dominickbrady.com

New from ATL’s Bobby Creekwater…

Next month on Analogue Atlanta I talk with Atlanta BGOV/Shady/Interscope recording artist Bobby Creekwater and find out what he’s been working on. His people just sent me a new song called “She’s Dead” about his love affair with Hip Hop. We’ll talk with him about why he thinks she’s dead and if it’s too late to bring her back.

Contrary to popular belief, ATL Hip Hop didn’t start with Outkast…

The youtube Record below is called “Jump, Stomp & Twist”. This is just one of the gems we’ve unearthed during research and interviews for a Documentary Film I’m working on in conjunction with Black Static Films called Telling it like it T- I- is: Atlanta Hip Hop from ’79-’til. We interview Hip Hop Artists, Journalists and
Photographers who have been in and around the underground Atlanta Hip Hop scene from the very begining. I’ll have clips up on Youtube and Vimeo in the up coming months after this Season of Analogue Atlanta, my audio series on Atlanta Arts, comes to an end in February. The information thus far has been amazing. Finding artists like Mo-jo and Dj Mann, Dj Lynn, Mike Fresh, Danny Renee? Nearly impossible. There aren’t archives of V103’s Fresh Party- an early 80’s Hip Hop show hosted by Wanda Ramos. We have, however, tracked down Mc Shy D and others that were making records in the ’80s and early ’90s. What we want to do, God willing, is find some of the artists we know existed during the Late 70’s and early ’80s.
If you’re interested in the origins of Southern Hip Hop, which does begin in the ’70s, contrary to popular belief, check out former Creative Loafing Atlanta writer Roni Sarig’s book Third Coast: OutKast, Timbaland, and How Hip-Hop Became a Southern Thing for starters. It’s a page turner.

When you think about the legacy of musicians that made the crossover from Soul to Hip Hop like Funk man and later Hip Hop producer Wendell Parker who produced Danny Renee’s Space Rap pictured on the right in ’80, or even a STAXX Records musician like Rufus who made his own Hip Hop 7inch also produced by Parker as early as ’84 it’s easy to see how fertile the local Hip Hop scene became in Atlanta. According to MC Shy D himself in an interview I MIGHT (can’t promise anything) post before we’re done wrapping, these records just didn’t make it out of the region due to poor distribution. Fine. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist and don’t deserve their proper place in history. We aim to remedy that, where possible. Journalists like Brian Lassiter, Roni Sarig and Shannon McCollum as well as scholars like Matt Miller have already done the hard part. What we’re trying to do is use their work along with some elbow grease of our own to bring these artists, this period in Atlanta music history to light.

Video: Behind The Scenes of "Circulate"

Circulate – Behind The Scenes from standardatl.com on Vimeo

“Circulate” is considered a favorite by most of my peeps, and is requested constantly in the clubs. I like the direction that its taken Jeezy in and the sample is so relevant (production by Don Cannon)
Watch one the most organic movements in the game as it continues to silence the doubters. Artists take note: invest in your own dream and MAKE it happen instead of waiting on others to believe. What the hell am I talking about? Well I’ll just say this, a lot of people hated on The Recession a long time ago, but the bol ain’t stoppin’ with his own push and it’s payin’ off. If nothing else, respect him for keeping sh*t around here crackin’.
Congrats On The Belvedere “America Reborn” Campaign
“Circulate” Coming In February