Angela Yee Interviews Oj Da Juiceman (abt being booed in NYC) [Audio]

I refused to post the footage of him getting booed, like the rest of these faggot ass blogs and email blasts.  Seems like they waiting on the South to fall.  I had to take note of the peanut gallery and now I know to stay clear of ya’ll fucks.

2 thoughts on “Angela Yee Interviews Oj Da Juiceman (abt being booed in NYC) [Audio]”

  1. aight, i’m goin in!! oj is by no means a great rapper. he should not have been on that show with the caliber of mc’s/lyricists that were on there to begin with. that crowd was there to see some underground hip hop shit (even though New Yorkers are known haters/lames), not radio “trap” rap. even people like jadakiss and saigon who are know as lyricists (one of them anyway) didn’t include oj on any of their real hip hop singles, only on the gimmicky shit. i’ve learned that when you disagree with people in this industry it’s no longer your opinion, but you’re now considered a hater. by no means, am i a hater. just a 30 yr. old black father who is from the SWAT’s (West End) and graduated from North Atlanta High in ’97. I’ve been a hip hop head since ’83 and i try to rep. the best & versatility of Atlanta’s vibrant culture. From Arrested Development to Young Jeezy. there are plenty of artists from the south that did not or would not get booed, such as Curren$y, Stat Quo, Bobby Creekwater, Currency, Hollyweerd, B.O.B, Little Brother, Gripp Plyaz, Pill, Jay Electronica, but with lack of support from these weak ass radio stations and so-called dj’s, it’s harder for the gen pop. to hear them. I know no one wants to be serious all the time, but goddamn!!! can we talk about real life shit that the masses can relate to??The crazy thing is that I am not alone. There are many Atlanta born and bred or other Dirty South representers, yes, some of them are dopeboys, too, that are gettin tired of the current artists that represent us on the mainstream side of things because they lack depth and artistry. we are tired of all the excuses and people that could care less about the “culture”, speaking for “us”. This is why I became 1/4 of Shameless Plug Promotions, the promotional team that brought Drake, Devin The Dude and the Goodie Mob reunion shows to Atlanta. I AT LEAST TRY TO BRING BALANCE TO MY CITY AND REP WHAT THIS CITY WAS BUILT ON: OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW THAT PEOPLE OF COLOR CAN BE ASSETS TO SOCIETY NOT JUST MENACES. I’ve never had the opp. to meet you, Black Bill Gates, but we know many of the same people and we RT each others stuff sometimes on Twitter. Hope you don’t mind my disagreeing with you, I’m just a 30 yr. old father/hip-hop head/Dirty South representer who wants, scratch that, needs my people to do better. If no one will take that responsibility, I guess I have to. Hate to quote an East Coast MC, but as Saigon said, “I’m the new Public Enemy, I’m diff. than Young Joc”…….Peace & Blessings, shawty…


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