Last Night: South Fulton Home Mistakenly Targeted for Drive-By Shooting

More Atlanta area residents are no longer feeling safe in their homes as a resident awakes to his home being shot to shreds. It seems that the area needed a larger and more prepared police force rather than a new stadium, as reports of violence with automatic weapons increases daily.


A South Fulton County man says he woke up to more than a dozen bullets piercing his home. Police say they think the home was the wrong target.

The victim, who did not want to show his face on camera, was sleeping when he says he heard gunshots.

Terrified for his life, he grabbed his gun, called 911 and went to his bedroom door.

“That’s when I saw the bullet holes in the walls,” the victim said.

He says he listened intently to see if he could hear anyone before making his way down the steps and into his kitchen.

“When I come down the steps and make the left, the whole kitchen is shot up,” the victim said.

Bullets pierced the front of his house and garage before ricocheting through walls, potted plants, cabinets and closets.

Police say the man who spoke to Channel 2 Action News was not the intended target.

Detectives say they believe whoever did the shooting may have gotten the victim’s home confused with someone else’s because every home along Splitpine Court looks similar.

While police work to find the shooter, the victim says he’s just happy to be alive.

He says he knows he would have been killed.

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