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Sorry about the posts, I had been temporarily distracted by new businesses.  Now that I can harness it all in, and writing has become my life for the most part, I’m back. New shxt from Spitta, who recently did the #bankBlack event with Killer Mike in Miami to promote black people moving our money to black owned banks.  I think it’s dope and I plan to look more into it and report it straight to you. Til then, enjoy this visual piece.

Hacked road sign in Cobb County, GA displays anti-police message

The Nile Stream


 [WSBTV] Police are working to find out who hacked into a digital road sign and put up a profane message about police officers.

The sign, on Johnson Ferry Road near Sewell Mill Road in Cobb County, is currently out of service.

It flashed a slur against officers a few hours before the police ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana over the weekend.

People who live in the area are outraged.

“People are very pro-police here. My daughter-in-law is an officer and I have nothing but respect for these people,” resident David Conrad said.

The local Fraternal Order of Police president said Cobb County officers have received overwhelming support in recent days.

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Officer dies following shooting in Kansas


An officer with Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department has died after being shot while investigating a report of person being shot at by several people in a vehicle.

Police say three or four people were inside the vehicle but jumped out and ran when officers arrived at the scene at 1:37 p.m. Tuesday.

An officer took a suspect into custody at 1:39 p.m. A different officer was shot at 1:57 p.m. when he tried to make contact with another suspect.

Be Vigilant: Swipers Hit Lil Boosie for 469K

And now I have to seriously question the credibility of these banks and what other measure we can take to protect our dollars. If you bank with Capitol One, nows a good time to reconsider and pull that cash because they are refusing to give Boosie his cash back.  This is half a million dollars we’re talking about! Continue reading Be Vigilant: Swipers Hit Lil Boosie for 469K