Jef Jon Sin – “Instinct”

Jef Jon Sin is making his run for the top, and follows up the remix of Majid Jordan’s “Always There” by dropping some hardcore material a week later with “Instinct,” a minute in you realize we will not be able to box this guy in at all.  He apparently can do it all, and the evidence follows… The new video for #700days drops Jan 23

First HoodRich Radio Interview of 2017: The Migos [VIDEO]

Hoodrich Radio recently moved over to The Beat 92.3 & 96.7 at this year, and had yet to do any interviews as we settled into our new home. How appropriate that we return with the hottest group in the country (again) The Migos.  After their latest single B&B jumped over 200% in sales after the success of the Atlanta series on FX at the Golden Globes.

Nephew Texasboy – Pack Landed at 808 [VIDEO]


My boy had to turn himself in yesterday, and I promised him I would keep his name ringin’ out here while he’s down.  So let’s get right to it with new video for the title track to his latest project, which oddly enough had got him the acclaim he always has deserved.  In addition to being a good artist, Nephy has an eye for talent in producers and fellow artists, which everyone of you will soon see.

Obama pardons 64, commutes sentences for 209


Today, 273 individuals learned that the President has given them a second chance. With today’s 209 grants of commutation, the President has now commuted the sentences of 1,385 individuals – the most grants of commutation issued by any President in this nation’s history. President Obama’s 1,385 commutation grants – which includes 504 life sentences – is also more than the total number of commutations issued by the past 12 presidents combined. And with today’s 64 pardons, the President has now granted a total of 212 pardons.

Today, 209 commutation recipients – including 109 individuals who had believed they would live out their remaining days in prison – learned that they will be rejoining their families and loved ones, and 64 pardon recipients learned that their past convictions have been forgiven. These 273 individuals learned that our nation is a forgiving nation, where hard work and a commitment to rehabilitation can lead to a second chance, and where wrongs from the past will not deprive an individual of the opportunity to move forward. Today, 273 individuals – like President Obama’s 1,324 clemency recipients before them – learned that our President has found them deserving of a second chance.

While the mercy the President has shown his 1,597 clemency recipients is remarkable, we must remember that clemency is an extraordinary remedy, granted only after the President has concluded that a particular individual has demonstrated a readiness to make use of his or her second chance. Only Congress can achieve the broader reforms needed to ensure over the long run that our criminal justice system operates more fairly and effectively in the service of public safety.

TaxStone Arrested in Connection with Irving Plaza / Troy Ave Incident


(XXL) In May of 2016, Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave was injured in a shooting at Irving Plaza that left his bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter dead. No arrests were made in the following months, but on Monday (Jan. 16), podcast personality Taxstone was apprehended by police and arrested in Brooklyn in relation to the shooting.

NBC reports that U.S. Marshals New York and New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Taxstone, born Darryl Campbell, in Brooklyn this morning. Sources tell NBC he was wanted for a federal warrant that charged him with being a felon in possession of a firearm, but he was also being sought by the NYPD in connection to the Irving Plaza shooting.

According to the New York Timesa federal complaint sworn out by Detective Jose Flores of the New York Police Department says what is believed to be Campbell’s DNA was found on the gun that killed Banga and injured Troy Ave during that Irving Plaza shooting. It’s the same gun Troy is seen firing in the footage that spread across the internet; the man at the bottom of the video is said to be Taxstone. You can see the video in question below.

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information informed XXL that along with unknown federal charges, Taxstone is also facing criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree.

The shooting occurred in a green room on the third floor of the venue where a fistfight broke out and escalated to gunfire. Footage from inside the green room emerged soon after the news broke, and the shooter was said to be captured on surveillance footage, but no arrests have been made until now.

Following the shooting, Troy Ave was arraigned on charges including attempted murder after footage showed him shooting back at somebody in Irving Plaza. He and his lawyers have since maintained his innocence, claiming self defense. They have also filed a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and Live Nation for lax security.

Just weeks ago, Troy Ave was shot again, this time while sitting in a red Maserati on his way to visit family in Brooklyn. 50 Cent visited the BK rapper in the hospital as he recovered.

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