Vic Mensa on Rappers Abusing Women: “They’re Not Problematic Artists, They’re Cowards”

(Source) When we asked Vic Mensa about what surprises him in hip-hop today, he didn’t hesitate. Always one to speak his mind, Vic got right into the thing that’s been disappointing to him: violence against women and how he sees that affecting some artists’ careers.

“I think that beating up women as being a catalyst for rap success—which I’m really seeing in 2017—is a horrible trend. Very bad. That used to be something we condemned you for,” Vic says. “They’re not problematic artists, they’re cowards. That’s my issue, that we get into this place of confusing troubled and charismatic people with just cowards. Beating up women, on video, as these rappers continue to do, and then their little fans continue to support them for it and it gets them popping—we know what I’m talking about—it’s not just a problematic person, it’s not like he’s a troubled artist. No, he’s a pussy, that’s what’s going on.”