New to Rotation: Money Mu – “Hittin” prod by Mondo

Everybody out here feeling the void of new music that can actually stick around.  Sure artists are releasing material daily, but what is actually “sticking”?  Sticking out or sticking around?  Money Mu is sticking out with this one, its been out since January and I heard it last week.

Atlanta Fish Market accused of being rude and slightly racist by Leslie Jones

13 Years Later, Photo of President Obama + Minister Farrakhan Surfaces

A photo taken in  2005 has surfaced, one that many claim would’ve derailed President Barack Obama’s 2008 bid for the White House.  The picture was taken with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan at an event in 2005 for the Congressional Black Caucus.  The photographer who took the photo, Askia Muhammad said he kept the photo under wraps until now because he felt it would’ve ruined Obama’s chances to win.  Talk about a team player! But I still feel its a shame that it had to be hidden at all.

Coffee shops to post cancer warnings soon? You’ve got to be kidding…

Yesterday I stumbled upon some disturbing news, coffee may be killing us, slowly.  Some coffee chians in California have begun to settle a lawsuit, part of the deal will be warnings posted in coffee houses about coffee drinking’s cancer link.  It has been discovered that roasted coffee beans contain acrylamide, a chemical linked to cancer.

Just a few years ago the FDA issued a warning about the compound, found in plant-based foods cooked at high temperatures ( frying, roasting, or baking), and smaller amounts via boiling or steaming. According to the FDA:  it’s in chips, French fries, burnt toast, cereals, coffee, crackers, and dried fruits. The National Cancer Institute adds canned black olives and prune juice to the list.


Black Panther ‘The Album’ Tracklisting + Artwork

After last night’s premiere the excitement for Black Panther is at an all time high.  Album reminds me of the way soundtracks used to be, when you wanted to buy them!  Link to tracks that are currently available before 02/09 the rest of the playlist after the link Continue reading Black Panther ‘The Album’ Tracklisting + Artwork

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