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Merry Christmas From the Dungeon Family

When you put enough “Pressure” on ’em…”Something’s Gotta Give”

The above picture is not a Photoshop job. God was definitely in the building on August 5th 2008.

Last Saturday, Killer Mike and Big Boi, after three years of non-communication, finally spoke on the phone.

After hearing Big Boi on Gangsta Grillz radio responding to his video, Killer Mike sensed another shot being taken. Mike hit a mutual friend, and consultant to both Big and Mike, Bear Sills, to see what was really up.

The crazy thing is, around the same time Made made that call, he was on his way to record the first edition of his Sunday Morning Massacre series…with intent to go at Big Boi for the remarks.

Fortunately/unfortunately, a bad storm hit Atlanta and knocked the power out over a large portion of the city, including the studio where Mike planned to record. Big Boi’s uncle Darnell and Bear were encouraging Big to peace things up once and for all.

While on the phone, Big Boi’s son, Cross, sensed that something was wrong from overhearing the phone conversation between Mike and Bear. Up to this point, neither Mike nor Big told their children about their recent back-and-forths.

Cross then asked Big, “you and Killer Mike not friends no more?” After Big told him “nah,” Cross (just like so many Dungeon Family fans) expressed his dissapointment over the situation. When his son sat quiet and angry, fuming over what he was just told…Big asked what was wrong. Cross responded, “I’m mad you and Killer Mike not friends no more.”

At that point, Big pulled over and stopped and told Bear to call Mike. As Bear was about to call Mike, Mike was calling Bear. Bear answered the phone and handed it to Big Boi…and they had a brief and sincere conversation.

This picture is the result of their talk.

HIP HOP/Dungeon Family:1
PETTY RAP BEEF/Bullshit: 0

Stay tuned to THEREZIDUE.COM for more details, pictures and video from this historical (and coincidental) event.

Wsup, y’all. I’m new here.

They call me FireBrand. Why? ‘Cus I’ma tell it how I feel it. Am I always right? Hell nah, but I promise I won’t lie to you .

Anyway, since I’m new around these parts, I’ma go ‘head and tell you WHY I’m here. I live in ATL, but I got eyes and ears for a global pulse. My tastes reflect that. The artists and arguments I’ma present will mostly be from right here in ATL, transplanted here in ATL or from SOMEWHERE in the Dirty South but we gon’ have a different spin on thangs.

Think new-Think Urban, but not cliche.

So with that I’ma leave y’all with an ATL group that is generating a whole lot of buzz. They are managed by Jeezy’s ex-manager Coach K and they got the innanets buzzing. Who? Hollyweerd.

Are they the best lyricists you’v ever heard? Hell no. Do they have the MOST original sound? Some might say they don’t. But do these brothers make some fun music that gets the ladies on the dance floor? Oh yes, indeed. What the hell else matters?

Download “Edible Phat” Mixtape

But On To The Good News: Jeezy In The Hood Givin Back

Young Jeezy kicked off back to school this past weekend with a daytime bowling event for some special kids in his hometown of Atlanta. The multi-platinum star rented out Metro Lanes and Games for the afternoon, where he gave away free backpacks, clothing, sneakers and school supplies to about 350 youngsters in need — all courtesy of the rapper himself, in addition to generous donations from CTE, 8732 clothing, Brand Jordan, Nike, Pastry, K1X, Baby Phat, Walter’s Clothing, & DTLR.

From The "What Up" Video Shoot

Early reports coming in from T.I.’s latest shoot for the current club/mixshow banger “What Up,” which from the begining has been interpreted as a diss to Shawty Lo, was filmed yesterday… IN BOWEN HOMES!! [which are up for demolition, which is a much more pressing issue:]
It is also reported that during one shot, an unplanned appearance from Shawty Lo (who was reported as looking quite confused by the whole situation) was caught on camera, and could possibly be used on the video. WOW!
Once again this is purely rumor and I have no idea whether its true…

Like I said, the more pressing issue is those affected by the possible demolition of the area [that both rappers glorify in their music]
The areas up for demolition are: Bankhead Courts, Bowen Homes, and Hollywood Courts.

Madden 09: Let The Madness Begin….

First of all, we have something that would steam any fellow gamer, A CELEBRITY GETS 1ST ON A CLASSIC TITLE! Man its just not fair, Twista gets Madden 09 EARLY, for ALL 3 systems!

The official release date is August 12th for the game that most girlfriends love to hate. And I will be taking on all challengers online (around September… yeah I suck so I have to practice). And if Bret Favre doesnt come back, will they keep him on the cover?

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