Grand Hustle & Hood Rich ENT Present–Dj Scream & MLK / Young Dro: I AM LEGEND

Grand Hustle & Hoodrich Ent.
Dj Scream & MLK
“I AM LEGEND”–Heavy In The Streets–
Its been a short while since Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean” topped thecharts and he solidified himself as one of the south’s top spitters.With a vault full of exclusives and Dj Scream & MLK only one callaway,Dro couldn’t wait to serve the block with “I Am Legend” — TheMixtape.With over 20+ solid street bangers and production from some of thebestin the game, Dro properly prepares the streets for his untitled sophomore Grand Hustle LP set to drop later this year.
1. I Am Legend Intro
2. House On Me (Prod Serious)
3. Who Am I (Prod. Raz)
4. On A Pill (Prod. Lil C)
5. 4Head (Prod. K-Mack)
6. Trunk Rattle (Prod. Raz)
7. Tropical (Prod. GM Tracks)
8. I Am Legend Interlude
9. Fly As I Can Be (Prod. Raz)
10. These Ain’t Out Yet (Prod. Lil C)
11. Breathe – Freestyle
12. Cash Money Shit (Prod. Doe)
13. Hell Yeah ft Yung L.A. (Prod. Raz)
14. 5000 Ones Ft T.I. & Big Kuntry (Prod. Jazza Pha)
15. I Am Legend Interlude #2
16. How I Ride (Prod. Raz)
17. You Know About Me (The Runners)
18. Drugs (Prod. Cavie)
19. Mac&Dro f. MacBoney (Prod. Sanchez)
20. Young Dro Ladies Interlude
21. Makin’ All That Money (Prod. Nard & B)
22. What Else – Yung L.A. Ft Young Dro (Prod. Kids with machine Gunz)
23. I Am Legend Outro
24. I Know How To (Prod. Lil C)
25. Loud ft Macboney (Prod. Lil C)

Beauty & The Beat v.3: Valentine’s Day Edition

The wait is over… King Sh*t Radio / Hood Rich ENTThe Valentine’s Day Edition of Beauty & The Beat is availableThis one we had to make sure was just right before it was sent out, thanks for everyone that requested this,we held back some on the release date to make sure this tape wouldn’t be used for Evil. Though I’m sure its gonna fall into the wrong hands and be misused. [disclaimer]
Just a couple of notes:
Right around when the Kieth Sweat drops, you may eventually convince YOURSELF that you sound just like him—- you don’t…. Naaah.
When Key Lo Lo Cole goes accapella, sh*t gets a lil’ lethal after that, I’m just sayin’… get a hold of your emotions BEFORE you get to this point,
And please don’t listen to this alone, that’s kinda creepy homie, I’m just sayin’…
[disclaimer] use protection [disclaimer] now you can’t blame usEnjoy your damn Valentine’s Day people,
Keep supporting Hood Rich & King Sh*t/ Dj Black Bill Gates
you can download this directly, but its quicker through iTunes, which is FREE.
then go back to http://blackbillgates.podomatic.comscroll down and to your right there should be an iTunes logo, click it and it will start downloading
01 LL Cool J- I Need Love
02 Yo Gotti ft. Pleasure P- Let’s Vibe
03 Pleasure P ft. Lil Wayne- Rock Bottom
04 Jodeci- Feenin’
05 H-Town- Knockin’ Da Boots [R.I.P Dino]
06 Kieth Sweat- Right & A Wrong Way
07 Keyshia Cole- Love
08 Jagged Edge- What You Trying To Do
09 T-Pain & Ray L- Put It Down
10 Janet Jackson- Would You Mind
11 R Kelly- Tempo Slow
12 R Kelly- Sex Me
13 R Kelly- 12 Play
14 The Dream – Falsetto
15 2 Pistols ft. T-Pain- She Got It
16 Plies ft. Trey Songz- Bust It Baby
17 J. Holiday- Suffocate
18 Floetry- It’s Getting Late
19 Michael Jackson- Lady In My Life
20 Guy- Good-Bye Love

HoodRich, Grand Hustle, Dj Scream, & MLK Present: Big Kuntry King’s "Cocaine Kuntry"

Grand Hustle & Hoodrich Ent.
Team Up To Bring You…
Dj Scream & MLK
“Cocaine Kuntry”
Grand Hustle’s Underboss has returned to hit the block with a streetheater! The “Cocaine Kuntry” Mixtape features all new and originaltracks from Big Kuntry as well as features from TI, BG, Twista,Shawty Lo, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy, Young Dro and many more! With thealbum “My Turn To Eat” on the way later this year, Kuntry is out toshow why he is Grand Hustle’s Undrboss!!!
Available Fri 2/15!!!
Cops and Robbers
Forgot 2 Put The Album out (Prod. Marvelous J)
Da Unda Boss – Speaks
The Mobb (Prod. Nard & B)
How I Do ft Macboney (Prod. Nard & B)
Straight Thugging (Prod. Nard & B)
Steering Wheel (Prod. Khao)
T.I. (The King) – Speaks
I’M A G ft T.I. (Prod. Nard & B – Keith Mack)
Anthem ft B.G. & Twista (Prod. Nard & B)
Crazy (Prod. 2-Tall)
Swagger ft Shawty Lo (Prod. Nard & B)
Da UndaBoss – Speaks About New Single (Da Baddest)
Da Baddest ft Trey Songz (Prod. Shawty Redd)
Sun-Glasses ft Lil 3rd (Prod. Nard & B)
Killing ft Yung L.A. (Prod. Raz)
Haitian Fresh-Fast Lane ft Big Kuntry and Rick Ross
Dunk Ryders ft Trick Daddy-Big Kuntry-Young
Jeezy-Slick Pulla & Young Dro – Fuck Da OtherSide (REMIX)
Da One (For The ladies)
Da One ft Rashad (Prod. Black Mob Group)
Mixtape better Than Album Interlude
How We Rocking (Prod. Keith Mack)
Gangsta Life ft Governor (Prod. Khao)
Give It Up (Prod. Black Mob Group)
Drugs Changed Everything Outro

Jay-Z & Steve Stoute Launch Translation Advertising

-that’s right Jay, just keep laughin’ at us; another big move for niggas to copy


Jay-Z and marketing executive Steve Stoute have teamed up to launch a new ad agency called Translation Advertising. According to a report in the New York Times, the agency will operate as part of Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging, which Stoute founded and continues to head after selling to the Interpublic Group last October. Interpublic, which is the industry’s third largest ad agency group will own 49% of Translation Advertising while Stoute and Jay will retain the majority stake and serve as chairmen. The new company will help clients reach the young, multicultural consumers that have long eluded major corporations looking to cash in on the estimated $2 trillion that this demographic spends each year. While Interpublic currently owns stakes in several agencies that market to the Hispanic and Asian-American consumer, they are underrepresented in the African-American market. Jay feels that with his intimate knowledge of the culture these advertisers are trying to reach, he can help companies communicate on a more genuine level. “If we sit in a room,” Hov explained to the Times, “and offer our ideas of how to reach consumers, how to speak to them—and this is not a cocky statement—put us up against anything, and we’ll win our fair share of battles.” He explained that his role at Translation will include providing input on creative and entrepreneurial ideas rather than the day-to-day operations. Stoute already has a proven track record in the marketing arena, with a client list that includes General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s and Reebok. Translation is expected to announce its first clients sometime in the near future.

Keyshia Cole & Young Jeezy speak on their relationship

–taken from Sandra

As I told you earlier, I spoke with both Keyshia Cole and Jay Jenkins aka Young Jeezy last night by phone. Both Keyshia and Jeezy were humble and pleasant and they wanted my readers to know that they are very devoted to one another.
I first spoke with Keyshia’s manager Manny Halley who put me in touch with Keyshia. Keyshia is on the West Coast preparing for the Grammy Awards which airs this weekend. After exchanging pleasantries, Keyshia told me she was a frequent visitor of She suggested calling Jeezy so he could offer his input on a post I wrote alleging Jeezy said they were no longer a couple. Both Keyshia and Jeezy denied any knowledge of the other woman who claims to be Jeezy’s longtime girlfriend. “Me and Jay spend everyday together except when we’re on the road,” said Keyshia.
Jeezy denied saying he and Keyshia were not together anymore. “We’re not tripping,” said Jeezy, “but when we hear things like that, it’s just crazy. Why would I have a conversation about anything personal with a random person in the club?”
Keyshia added, “I would like for you to let [your readers] know that that was false information. That was never said. We are keeping our business our business. It is what it is. When we’re seen they know what it is. At the end of the day, we’re just focused on our careers right now but at the same time, I’m not saying I’m not with him and he’s not saying he’s not with me. So he didn’t say that.”
Keyshia also cleared up the confusion regarding her sister Neffy who Keyshia said was not the person who contacted me last year offering an interview. “Neffy has never been on your site,” said Keyshia.
In the end, what impressed me most about the couple was the passion they both have for each other. “He’s my dog right there, always,” said Keyshia.


The duo that brought you the much acclaimed Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo”Guap-A-Holics” mixtape have returned! Thats right, Gucci Mane’sOfficial DJ & Mr. Heavy In The Streets are back to deliver thestreets another unforgettable experience! With all new and unreleasedGucci Mane tracks on deck, Dj Scream & J.Kwik are certain to heat upthe streets with this one! Get your copy ASAP as this is anotherLimited Edition Heavy In The Streets!

1. Supastar J. Kwik!™ Intro

2. We Go Hard

3. Rock Solid (feat. Montana Da Mac, Alley Boy & Yung Ralph)

4. Yorkie

5. Shirt Off (feat. Frenchie & Whoo The Kid) (So Icey North)

6. Don’t Get Mad

7. Waddle (feat. Gorilla Zoe)

8. Goodnight (OJ Da Juiceman feat. Gucci Mane) (Prod. By DJ Speedy)

9. So Icey (Just Re’d Up) (feat. OJ Da Juice & Yola Da Great)

10. Would You Love Me (feat. Mannie Fresh) (Snippet)

11. Supastar J. Kwik!™ Interlude

12. 16 Fever

13. 100 Grand

14. Trap Shit (Prod. By Born)

15. Smoke Weed, Shoot Dice f. Braski

16. Cars (Prod. By Born)

17. Swing My Door (Unreleased Version)(Prod. By Born)

18. Underarm Kush (Unreleased Version)(Prod. By Born)

19. Ketchup

20. Pussy & Patron w/ Q-6

21. Gettin’ Cold

22. Dj Scream Outro

23. Go Ham On Em f. Don-P

Dj Scream Presents: So Seductive v.9

The ladies premier choice for new and exclusive R&B returns for a special Valentines Day Edition! So Seductive 9 features quality R&B music from the allstars of the game such as Mary J Blige, Trey Songz, Lloyd, T-Pain, Keyshia Cole, The Dream, J Holiday and many more! This is a special limited edition release!!!

1. So Seductive 9 Intro
2. Snoop Dogg f. Lil Kim & Shawty Red – Sexual Eruption (RMX)
3. Mary J Blige f. Swizz Beats – Just Fine (RMX)
4. Danity Kane – Damaged (New!)
5. Trey Songz f. Lil Wayne – Can’t Help But Wait (RMX)
6. Erykah Badu – Honey (Hot!)
7. Fat Joe f. J. Holiday – I Won’t Tell (Hot!)
8. Lloyd – Breath (New!)
9. JC f. Gorilla Zoe – Nobody Gotta Know (Hot!)
10. Mario f. Lil Wayne – Crying Out (RMX)
11. Big Kuntry & Trey Songz – Da Baddest (Highly Requested!)
12. 2 Pistols & T-Pain – She Got It (Hot!)
13. Plies – Bust It Baby (Ladies Most Requested!)
14. Pleasure P f. Lil Wayne – Rock Bottom (New!)
15. Keith Sweat f. Paisley Bettis – Suga Suga Suga (Hot!)
16. The Dream – Purple Kisses (New!)
17. Keyshia Cole – I Remember (Hot!)
18. Mary J Blige f. Usher – Shakedown (Hot!)
***Bonus Tracks***
19. Paula Campbell – Dem Girlz Say (New!)
20. Remo Da Rapstar – Oh Yeah (Hot!)
21. Shawty Redd – Drifter (Highly Requested

Black Bill Gates & MLK Present King Sh*t Radio v.2

Black Bill Gates & MLK Present
King Sh*t Radio
Hungry, Humble, Focused, Fly v.2
Black Bill Gates & MLK answer the call of the streets, delivering the quality mix that Hood Rich Ent & King Sh*t Movement are known for. The Streets asked for it, and they deliver with all the most requested tracks featuring heavy hitters such as Shawty Lo, Rocko, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Plies,Webbie & Trill Ent., Trey Songz, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and many more.
01 Shawty Lo- Foolish [HoodRich World Premiere,Most Requested]
02 Rocko- This Morning [HOT]
03 Playaz Circle aka Duffle Bag Boyz- The Boyz Are Back[HoodRich World Premiere]
04 Kinfolk Kia Shine ft. Shawty Lo- Wow Remix [NEW]
05 Birdman ft. Lil Wayne- I Run This
06 Young L.A. ft. Big Kuntry- Ain’t I [HOT]
07 Blood Raw ft. Young Jeezy- Louie Bag [Highly Requested]
08 3-6 Mafia ft. UGK- On Sum Chrome [R.I.P Pimp C]
09 Yung Joc ft. Shawty Lo, Jody Breeze- Aw Yeah [NEW]
10 3 Deep ft. Webbie, Plies- Watch My Shoes Remix [Krazy]
11 Gorilla Zoe ft. Gucci Mane, Block- Waddle [NEW]
12 Ghetto Mafia ft. Shawty Lo- Trap Be Jumpin’Eastside/Westside Remix[NEW]
13 Lil Keke ft. Scarface- I’m A G Remix [R.I.P Pimp C]
14 JAP- My Folk [1st Round Trap Pick]
15 David Banner ft. Yung Joc, Chris Brown, Jim Jones- Get Like Me [HoodRich World Premiere]16 Trey Songz ft. Lil Wayne- Can’t Help But Wait Remix [NEW]
17 Kanye West ft. R Kelly, Dwele- Flashing Lights Remix [Highly Requested]
18 Snoop Dogg ft. Lil Kim- Sensual Seduction Remix [Krazy]
19 Stuey Rock ft. Rob Fetti of Da Fam- Nymphomaniac [NEW]
20 Montana Da Mac ft. Nephu- Gurl From The South [NEW]
21 Pleasure P (of Pretty Ricky) ft. Lil Wayne- Rock Bottom [HoodRich World Premiere]

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