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AUDIO >> Snypa Ryfle x B.Smeezee x Waka Flocka Flame – More + B.Smeezee signs to BSM

I told ya’ll about Snypa & B.Smeezee almost year ago — while he was still doin’ his bid.  He has touched down and handled his biz, recently signing with Waka Flocka Flame’s BSM

AUDIO | Snypa Ryfle ft. Smeezee, Waka Flocka – More!

DOWNLOAD > BIGG : Life Situations Mixtape [Hosted by Dj Black Bill Gates]

Hailing from the Duffle Bag Camp, you would be hard-pressed to find a realer n*gga out here… BIGG’s momentum is through the roof after making stops all thru ATL this week.  It’s evident that almost every real cat in the city f*cks with BIGG 100% … No fiction or fabrication, BIGG speaks on the issues of everyday ppl and hustlers.  This type of truth may be too much for the everyday FLEXXER // THIS IS OG MUZIK!!!

DOWNLOAD > BIGG : Life Situations [Hosted by Dj Black Bill Gates]

AUDIO > BIGG : Life Situations Sampler [5 No DJ Tracks]

Full Mixtape Coming Tomorrow on LiveMixtapes.com

DOWNLOADS > BIGG : Life Situations Sampler

01 Pressure ft. Wingo of Jagged Edge x Playboi x Mr. Big Time

02 This Is My Life ft. Smoke of Field Mob, Lil Will

03 Desperado ft. J. Hard

04 What Goes Up, Must Come Down ft. C.White & Rio

05 Karma ft. Wingo x Mister